Commercial Transactions

A Commercial Transaction is an interaction between two or more parties in which goods, services or something of value is exchanged for some type of remuneration. Some aspects of commercial transactions, such as truthful representation and contract provisions, are governed by law. Attorneys in commercial transactions handle many types of transactions and support activities.

Commercial work involves many different forms of transactions and the ability to understand various business models. Commercial lawyers have to master the terminology and the common solutions for each form of agreement. In many cases, they will need to be creative and develop a solution that matches the client’s business model.  The subject matter of the deals can be very important, and commercial lawyers must understand the regulations that apply to the underlying business. 

Commercial Transactions attorneys may focus on the purchase, sale and leasing of goods and services. They often review and draft commercial agreements for the manufacture, sale, purchase, lease, consignment and storage of goods and services, and dealer agreements including policies, terminations, and dealer disputes. The terms prepared will help companies fashion their own sets of standard terms and cover a number of areas, including ownership of intellectual property, duties of confidentiality, warranties and remedies, termination rights, delays caused by casualties or other items beyond a client’s control, and return of tooling and other equipment.

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