Shareholder & Partnership Agreements

A shareholder agreement is a contract between the company and its shareholders.  Shareholders are the owners of the company. The shareholder agreement clearly delineates each party’s legal obligations and anticipates common scenarios that arise in running the day-to-day operations of a business.

A shareholder agreement helps specifically define and protect shareholders’ rights and interests more effectively.  It also specifically defines what the company can and cannot do and how it is going to be managed.  In business law, this contract is informed and guided by all of the parties involved, such as shareholders and the company executives.  It is a binding agreement that is in effect for as long as an individual holds shares, unless or until the contract is terminated or if the company becomes insolvent or if is sold.

A partnership agreement is a written and legal agreement between business partners.  A partnership agreement may be reviewed by an attorney to ensure the contract provides partnership roles, details for compensation, responsibilities for partners and a clause to exit the agreement.

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