A Property dispute refers to any legal dispute involving real property, also known as real estate. Real property is immovable property attached directly to the land.

Property law involves disputes about property ownership and damages to personal property or real estate. There are many different types of property disputes handled by civil litigation attorneys. A common type are disputes regarding property lines, in which one party alleges that a neighbor crossed the property line boundary between their two homes for building or planting. Property disputes can happen for any number of reasons, such as neighbors blocking a view, landlord and their tenants disputing who is responsible for what damage and repairs on a rental property, homeowners and real estate developers arguing over who is responsible for necessary home repairs of new construction, homeowners disputing whether they granted government agencies a utility easement, ownership disputes regarding who is the lawful owner of a given property, and whether a property is properly zoned.

Property disputes may involve specific fact and legal issues.  Real property laws vary from state to state. You may wish to hire a lawyer to help resolve a property dispute.  Do not hesitate to contact the attorney’s at Tishkoff if you have questions regarding real estate law or property litigation.  

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